Potrero Community Planning Group
Dedicated to Enhancing and Protecting our Community 
Potrero Planning Group
P.O. Box 9
Potrero, CA 91963


 2nd Thursday of the month
Potrero Library
24883 Potrero Valley Road
7:00 p.m.
Public Welcome

The Potrero Community Plan
Take a look at the future of Potrero.
Your Planning Group works to protect and enhance our community.

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Potrero, meaning “pasturing place” in Spanish, is located 45 miles from Downtown San Diego and just north of the Mexico border. Once used as farmland, people now enjoy the quiet evenings, dark skies and variety of wildlife - from the Arroyo Toad to the Golden Eagle.

Homes are modest but land is plenty.  At the foothills of the mountains, Potrero homes are mingled with oak trees and boulders. The hills and valleys produce a rough topography and breath-taking views of Potrero Valley and Potrero Peak, along with sacred Mt. Cuchuma and Little Cuchuma. 

Potrero County Park is covered in Oak trees, grassy fields and rocky hillsides stretching to 2,336 feet, an elevation that gets an occasional brushing of snow.

Potrero has about 900 residents, who know just how fortunate they are to call Potrero home.  Potrero is rugged and magnificent.

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